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What's the fad?

Why Food Matters with emma ryan

Running requires fuel, which is one reason we are continuing to partner with Emma Ryan, the founder of Veg Fest, a certified integrative nutrition health coach, plant-based sports nutritionist, and a raw food chef that just launched her plant-based restaurant, PLANT on August 5th! We have asked Emma all the questions regarding the "fad," foods many of us gravitate towards.

Fad Foods: foods that are popular for an span of time, promising health or satisfaction.

  • Low-cal ‘better-for-you’ ice creams

  • Bulletproof coffee

  • Celery juice

  • "Diet" Desserts with artificial sweeteners

  • Processed protein bars

  • Sugar Free foods

  • etc...

3 mistakes we are making.

Choosing man-made products

"The general population tends to rely on man-made products to become healthier. We eagerly await for food companies to come out with “new and improved” product. However, man-made food is never going to be as good for us as REAL food that comes from the earth. Processed food will never contain as much nutrition as real food does – it’s simply not possible."

Choosing Convenience over Quality

"Convenience foods have become increasingly popular due to marketing, the American busy lifestyle, and simply put- convenience. Most of us are always looking for a quick food option, and hoping to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. The perception is that preparing healthy food at home is time consuming, stressful, and cumbersome. I don’t believe it has to be. Real food can be as simple as you’re willing to make it.

No matter what someone’s exercise regimen is – it’s equally as important to fuel your body in the right way."

Not finding Joy in healthy habits

"Food can become our culture. You meet with your friends every Saturday at Starbucks or for brunch, maybe you meet with your buddies every Friday on the golf course. It’s easy to choose to do things that bring you joy. But sometimes, joy doesn’t come in the form of a green juice, but that doesn’t mean it can’t. Try changing up your routine, inviting your friends, and creating joy around healthy habits"

What can we replace with these man-made, convenient, non-nourishing foods?

  • The addition of whole, minimally processed foods.

  • Limit or avoids animal products.

  • Begin focusing on plants: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, which should make up the majority of what you eat.

  • Try to Exclude refined foods, like added sugars, white flour and processed oils.

  • Pay special attention to food quality that promotes locally sourced, organic food whenever possible.

Recipes From Emma: Pie, Tacos, Cornbread & Brownies! OH MY!

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